Position Description Summary

Kitchen Assistants are responsible for assisting the culinary team, ensuring quick and efficient care of all tools and equipment.

Role & Responsibilities

• Assist in the daily operation of the culinary operations, as needed

• Setup the dish pit at the start of every shift, ensuring the dish machine is properly loaded with chemicals, the area is neat and organized, and all items are up to code.

• Maintain organized and efficient flow of dishes

• Learn and master all kitchen protocols, and procedures

• Wear proper personal protective equipment

• Hand wash any dishes that can’t go through the dish machine

• Ensure proper setup of the three compartment sink, including soap and chemicals

• Understand and adhere to proper washing techniques and processes

• Ensure proper cleanliness of the kitchen, adhering to all health and safety regulations

• Ensure adherence to all health codes, periodically checking compliance

• Complete all opening, closing, and side duties, as needed and instructed

• Help maintain food costs by decreasing waste

• Be detail-oriented and able to prioritize in a fast-paced environment

• Solve problems, work as a team, be a leader, and inspire happiness

• Maintain up-to-date credentials, certificates, and licenses, as applicable

• Commit to continuous professional development, keeping abreast with current industry trends, tools, technologies, and opportunities, attending conferences, seminars, and workshops as assigned

Qualifications & Education Requirements

• Must possess attention to detail, follow-through, creativity, and a high level of motivation

• Ability to communicate effectively and professionally

• Willingness to learn and accept instruction

• Must possess a positive attitude and good work ethic

• Prior kitchen operations experience required